Mayoral ECOFRIEND Puku Nalle - Beige Paita + Valkoinen Joggerit


ECOFRIENDS garment, contains sustainable cotton

Long sleeved Sweatshirt for Newborn boy 0 to 9 months. Round neckline. Snap-button fastening on the back to allow the garment to be put on easily. For increased ease when putting the item on, in the small sizes (from Newborn to 2-4 months) the shoulder fastening is changed to a complete side opening with clasps and a crossover neckline.

Low rise trousers for Newborn boy 0 to 9 months, baggy at the top with a slim fit on the leg for a trendy look. Elasticated waistband for a better fit. Elasticated bottom cuffs for a better fit.

95% Cotton

5% Elastane

Handwash 30

* Huomattavaa, tähän myytävään tuotteeseen kuuluu vain 1 puku, joka on eritelty tuotteen nimessä värin tai muun ominaisuuden perusteella.